Hand made jewelry

Well in the middle of a project figuring out and experimenting a small level project which will mound my capability on going to a larger one! 

In between relaxing by designing jewelry. Back in India wasn’t throwing much interest in handmade jewelry, mom makes really good ones. She made so many designs for me I used to wear and show her, stand in front of the mirror, click a selfie and step outta the house bare-neck. It actually looks good with traditional outfits but I am more of a Tomboy type! Pretty much dressed simple. Always comfort first and less is always rich and more! 

So when mom was here she taught me how to make them. It was feel good experience to have learnt this from her. I designed a beaded chain with a crystal bead in an abstract slot. Matched it for a white woolen sweater of mine! My all time fav colors are white, red, blue, purple and black. 


Quick & Cute pen drawing

I love swinging. Unfortunately I haven’t been to many parks or children’s play area during my childhood. As far as I can remember is when I was on a trip to Kodaikanal, the resort I stayed in I used to swing from morning till noon! Parents would call me to go out for lunch and lookout at the places but I remember telling them – “you guys carry on I will stay on the swing get my food ” sounds silly isn’t it? 

So when I came across a picture on Pinterest it caught the attention of a child inside me and so I made it with colored pencils and felt pen! It was a tiring long long day yday right from morning through night. Relaxed drawing this evening when the Sunshine is asleep after extreme crankiness!

Love to swing with my hubby when we go out somewhere during  our vacation time as a family. 😘


New home! 

Shhhhhhhhh…. Baby is asleep and I just sneaked out to grab my color pencils and finish the picture which I sketched may be 23 days back! Phew.. It was a long hectic day though. Didn’t wanna delay anymore. So here’s my bestie Meenu who moved into her new apartment last month and I was a lil unhappy that I wasn’t around to help her in shifting things! She struggled all alone, pity her. 

Had I been there, would have made chicken biryani on the day of housewarming function 🙂 ahem!! (Aunty will kick me) 😝 I was jus thinking the other day in case I’d been there what would I gift her?? Bouquet? Nah.. Statue of three monkeys? Nah.. Probably a painting depicting friendship or definitely exclusively designed coffee mugs! 😊😊 can’t think of anything better. 

Tips for your new home!

  • Don’t hang up those dark coloured curtains let there be some lighting in the house.
  • Don’t fold your clothes inside out and spoil the look of your cupboard
  • The utensils in the kitchen rack are washed and arranged don’t clean it before cooking and waste water
  • Don’t keep filling your water bottle and drinking. It washes away all essential minerals from your system. Per day limit 4L
  • Don’t keep peeling dry skin from your heels
  • Don’t turn on fan and cover yourself completely with a blanket and sleep! Save power and energy 🙏

Well that’s all I am feeling sleepy. Below is the colored pencil drawing I made on your purchase of a new house. I know it looks silly but focus oly on the center of the pic house turned out well ignore the grass made in a hurry! The original pic had stones in the pathway but I left it as a smooth road. Do you know the reason why? If so leave a comment I will check your guess. 

Here you go….

Holder for hot pot coasters!

It’s been a month since I posted something. Made this holder for hot pot coasters with my mom. It was fun crafting with her after a long time. So here is what we did. We had an empty cereal box which I was just going to trash and mommy said hey wait! Let’s upcycle and make a holder out of it. She got a paper bag which had the design you can see. So cut the cereal box with built-in handle and likewise cut same shape from the paper bag and I glued on to the box. I wanted to leave the sides as it is coz loved the chocolate chunks being seen! It minimizes space on the table when the coasters aren’t in use. Here are few clicks of it.

Painting by the crib side for my Daughter Sunshine :)

When we first bought our grey coloured elephant baby blanket from buy buy baby store my lil one gave me a hard kick from my womb! From that very time she is fond of elephants I guess. And so I made a canvas painting for her crib side wall so that she could see it everyday and enjoy herself! I liked the message on the picture picked up from Pinterest 😊 BTW I love bunnies/rabbits so cute isn’t it? Colourful bright little stars which would catch her attraction. Hope she turns and smiles when she takes a look at it 🙂

Acrylics on 9 * 12 


Belated Happy Birthday to a beautiful soul â¤ï¸

This year all my wishes and my ways of expressing them are belated as I find it really hard to make some time away from my little one! Well jus out of hospital again with mom around to help made this painting for a beautiful soul in my life ! 

Initially was planning to sketch a teddy bear as usual on all bday cards. But this morning when I was browsing through Pinterest came across a fashion illustration picture which exactly resembled Meenu so sketched it quickly and started making use of coloured pencils but didn’t turn out good so switched to water colors 😊 and below you can see the result. Not used to sketch fashion figures at all first attempt hope she likes it 🙂 

Well, need not say much about you dear. Still penning down some of our memories together. We love coffee, painting, chit-chatting all night with cookies and lays, watching movies online the same day as soon as it releases at the theater, long drives on Sunday. Irreplaceable bond of friendship 😇😇 there were days we used to go fruit shop look out thru the window and speak nothing at all when we were upset over things. Driving 45 mins down the lane from my office to yours just for a cup of coffee it’s possible oly by US!! 👍

Last year sent you a cake to surprise at your hometown. This year I felt bad when I asked have you purchased your bday dress and there came the reply – last year you came along to select and take one this year I don’t feel like shopping at all! So when I saw this pic I felt you must get dressed up like this for your bday and party! 😄😄 this pic exactly portrays your hip(no hip at all), sunglasses and hairstyle! Mom told me the same when I showed it to her 🙂 Wishing you loads of happiness and good luck to enter your new life soon. Jus poke back everyone who suggests something or the other in your life. Make sure you don’t get pushed off the screen by worthless people! Stand by your policy and never let anyone hurt your dignity and decorum. 

Happy happy birthday to a beautiful soul once again but belated wishes ! Hope you don’t mind. Love ya😘 God bless! 


Happy Birthday Shannu! 

Well it was my friend Anjali’s son’s birthday, Sath n myself were thinking what to get him toys, games etc but for a minute I thought it’s all normal gifts which everyone gets! I always like to develop creativity in children which builds up as they grow so got him a set of Artist’s Loft colored pencils, creativity lies in one’s mind and as they create using colors it however takes them to a different level of perception to see things around. A child can create wonders when given paper and pencils. And Shannu used to ask me for any cartoon character to be drawn for him! So I made this Flintstone card along with his gift and wrote up something to encourage him !