Happy Father’s Day

Sunshine’s first Father’s Day and for Sath as well! I was wondering what to gift him on this special day of his first year as a Dad? Many thoughts came across my mind quilled baby feet, T-shirt, play station 4 as he is interested in gaming then I decided to make few keepsakes which will last longer as a memory. 

So prepared salt dough and took an impression of my lil one’s hand, foot and thumb on it and baked it at 200 degrees for about 4 hours, cooled it overnight and painted with metallic acrylics. The two small ones are keychains so made a hole with a straw to hold the key ring. 

And I felt I was missing something without a touch of my brushes and paints so made a watercolor personalised wall art with her feet traced on it and made use of watercolours. Hope it made his day. 

These are the pics from preparation stages to the final art piece,