Saw the overwhelming responses all over Chennai, Trichy and other cities protesting against the ban of Jallikattu aka Yeruthazhuvuthal aka Manja Virattu, it can be given varied names for this traditional bull-taming sport across the state of Tamil Nadu. I extend my support too. It has been the most entertaining game of the year in each village during the month of January and an integral part of Pongal all these decades – meaning our ancestral period too. It’s a sport where a man really gets to the ground and brings out his sheer brilliance on holding to the hump of the strong bull and winning over it. Showcasing his braveness and courage from within. Everything was calm and good until the real enemy PeTA came into scene and filed a case to ban with SC. 

When you actually watch this bull fight from your house terrace do you know how it feels? It is to be experienced. I have seen one such game when I was too young. An enjoyment during the festive season brings in so much fun to watch it unfold on the streets of our villages. I am basically from a Chettinad family who actually worships cows and the cattle breed. I am from Venthanpatty a village in Pudukottai district. During our ancestral years we used to have pasumadam meaning ‘cow shed’ we feed and grow them with atmost care. We did have bulls as well. The people in our village feed their cattle though they don’t have enough food for themselves. And they all live a life with this sport to put in as precise as possible probably it’s their first child! 

What has PeTA got to do with our cultural activity which was followed from the British period. And the Supreme Court ! Isn’t there really any case in the entire state to take care of or ban? If you want to really ban something for a good cause then we would list ‘n’ number of them, to just remind you of the jobs left undone! Where did PeTA go when Salman Khan was with the hunting of a deer? Supreme Court can be pinpointed by the public for their most important cases left in the air without a judgement for justice.

  • Human trafficking – don’t know where the nation is heading to
  • Use and release of chemicals from chemical industries into our river beds 
  • Horse Racing aren’t they animals too? 
  • Drugs
  • Where you able to stop or impose any kind of punishment for Corruption in our country
  • Two medical students who threw a dog from the terrace
  • Export and import of leather goods made from all kinds of animals – cats, dogs as well
  • Beef and Pork eating in the USA and other countries too that also falls under harming animals isn’t it?

Why don’t you fucking ban all the above cruel actions in the nation rather than trying to hit on rural people? Just because they don’t have enough strength to fight back with the law and order? It’s our culture and tradition please do respect it. So what have you got to say about the bull fighting in Mexico aren’t they harming any bulls? 

As the country is drowning with so many other unattended issues PeTA and SC indulge yourselves in those areas rather than trying to impose ban on a cultural fest of a state. It’s easy to talk or pass a law seated inside an AC room, it’s a sport of the brave man not for the weaker fellows. Get to the grounds and feel the real heat of the game. Not everyone can bullfight, you really need a lot of dedication and practice! 

Yeruthazhuvuthal actually means embracing the bull, it’s the love we shed on our animals which we have brought into the ground. We do know how to take care of them PeTA so better stay out of our way! 

I support Jallikattu and below is the poster I created to show my interest towards uplifting the ban. Extend all your support as well. Thank you.