Happy Birthday to my Man! ðŸ˜˜

Well every year the birthday gift has been different so does this year and a special one too as my Man has been given the privilege to become the Father of a beautiful little Princess/Angel Miss.Sunshine @ Aathira. Our patootiecutie turns 10 months. Baby girl missed her daddy so much on his bday as he was held up with work there and he missed us as well.

So planned to make a personalised watercolor pencil sketch of dad and daughter (the most mesmerising love in every girl’s life) whereas the love between mom and daughter is unconditional 😊 I took help of my master and made it probably 3 hours time and sent him out wishes via mail. After seeing it he replied saying – “Ur picture made me feel u both are here” 

The best credit I’ve ever received for my painting. Feeling elated! Usually I ask him hope my gift made your day! But today I felt he made my day with his comments. Thanks a lot honey! Love ya.. 😘😘 


Hearty Congrats to Logie ❤️ Sunil 

The Iron Lady that’s how I should term her. I’ve never thought of her as a girl. She has always been a woman in life. Extreme level of maturity, immaculate soul and a very picky friend (only she knows the meaning of it. Clue: Lemonade).  A very humble, down to earth, frank person, has promised me that he would take care of his Queen very well and be a true, supportive Man to my darling friend. I wish them good luck in Life and Love. Happy Engagement Party. (Though I am posting it now, probably a month later) They’ve struggled and fought against a lot to reach their success pinnacle of Love. Salute them! Bravo my dear friend you had your difficulties and obstacles at the extremities but you made it sweetheart! Love ya loads! 😘😘

So I made a handmade personalised gift for their big day. It’s like a sequence of their love story. Meet up, lovers, wedding and a sweet home family. Here you go, have a look at it. 🙂