The Brother’s Ride

Kalaa Art Show 2016!! This year my entry is a modern/western style Lord Karthikeyan and Ganesha on their ever-loving vehicle, peacock. Acrylics on canvas 14″ * 18″

As I used to always say how difficult I find to figure out time for my work with a baby around. It was the same for this painting too. I started sketching the outline way back in June and completed around July 20th. Just can’t imagine now how I took such a long time. Then sort out help from my all time guru Padma Akka from class and my master too. Thanks a lot to them for guiding me on this canvas project. 

I first thought I will paint the pic with normal acrylics and then give an impasto effect to the peacock alone. But it took a lot of time. So went ahead with brush strokes. I referred to a lot of videos on painting flesh tones. I came across one video which I would like to share here. One of the best videos on flesh tones. It was so damn helpful. I don’t know the name of the guy but many thanks to him.

This process, it taught me a lot of lessons on highlights, shadows and depths. The best part of the picture are the gold ornaments. Had a great time referring color charts and videos to figure out a right way to paint gold. 

An exuberant canvas painting project. Overall it was a splendid experience. Had a tough time though with the fast drying acrylics and baby crawler at home. Sath did a great job taking care of baby Sunshine over the weekends so that I could paint at a stretch and planned for walks at the park after he was back from office. Very supportive had n number of trips whenever there used to be sale at Michaels store to get all the essential supplies. Thanks a lot darling. Love ya and missing you much here. Hope to see you soon!

Here I post my biggest project of this year! 


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