For Anjali..

Anjali is my friend at the apartment. A very helpful and caring personality. Anytime you call and seek for help she will be there round the corner. She cooks and gives food for everyone in here. Mannnn I really doubt her patience to cook for several families. She cooks really awesome. I have been wanting to gift her something useful and handmade so decided to make a glass beaded necklace and bracelet which would match all outfits. So chose black and white combo my all time favorite 😊 


New design for my 6 months young Sunshine :)

Yipppppeeeee the Sunshine turned 6months and it’s been a splendid experience all this while! Such an adorable patootiecutie pie 😘😘 All sorts of vibrant colors suits well for her but unfortunately we have only “pink” as a branded color for girls. This set of dress which my hubby’s colleague gifted for Easter adds more fun to her dressing. With bunnies on it. Loooooouvvvvveee the color man! Fluorescent pink. So made a charming, elegant neckpiece with my favorite gold and silver square beads. Here’s the display pic, like it ? She looked lovely on wearing this dress and the designed beadwork 🙂

Hand made jewelry

Well in the middle of a project figuring out and experimenting a small level project which will mound my capability on going to a larger one! 

In between relaxing by designing jewelry. Back in India wasn’t throwing much interest in handmade jewelry, mom makes really good ones. She made so many designs for me I used to wear and show her, stand in front of the mirror, click a selfie and step outta the house bare-neck. It actually looks good with traditional outfits but I am more of a Tomboy type! Pretty much dressed simple. Always comfort first and less is always rich and more! 

So when mom was here she taught me how to make them. It was feel good experience to have learnt this from her. I designed a beaded chain with a crystal bead in an abstract slot. Matched it for a white woolen sweater of mine! My all time fav colors are white, red, blue, purple and black. 

Quick & Cute pen drawing

I love swinging. Unfortunately I haven’t been to many parks or children’s play area during my childhood. As far as I can remember is when I was on a trip to Kodaikanal, the resort I stayed in I used to swing from morning till noon! Parents would call me to go out for lunch and lookout at the places but I remember telling them – “you guys carry on I will stay on the swing get my food ” sounds silly isn’t it? 

So when I came across a picture on Pinterest it caught the attention of a child inside me and so I made it with colored pencils and felt pen! It was a tiring long long day yday right from morning through night. Relaxed drawing this evening when the Sunshine is asleep after extreme crankiness!

Love to swing with my hubby when we go out somewhere during  our vacation time as a family. 😘


New home! 

Shhhhhhhhh…. Baby is asleep and I just sneaked out to grab my color pencils and finish the picture which I sketched may be 23 days back! Phew.. It was a long hectic day though. Didn’t wanna delay anymore. So here’s my bestie Meenu who moved into her new apartment last month and I was a lil unhappy that I wasn’t around to help her in shifting things! She struggled all alone, pity her. 

Had I been there, would have made chicken biryani on the day of housewarming function 🙂 ahem!! (Aunty will kick me) 😝 I was jus thinking the other day in case I’d been there what would I gift her?? Bouquet? Nah.. Statue of three monkeys? Nah.. Probably a painting depicting friendship or definitely exclusively designed coffee mugs! 😊😊 can’t think of anything better. 

Tips for your new home!

  • Don’t hang up those dark coloured curtains let there be some lighting in the house.
  • Don’t fold your clothes inside out and spoil the look of your cupboard
  • The utensils in the kitchen rack are washed and arranged don’t clean it before cooking and waste water
  • Don’t keep filling your water bottle and drinking. It washes away all essential minerals from your system. Per day limit 4L
  • Don’t keep peeling dry skin from your heels
  • Don’t turn on fan and cover yourself completely with a blanket and sleep! Save power and energy 🙏

Well that’s all I am feeling sleepy. Below is the colored pencil drawing I made on your purchase of a new house. I know it looks silly but focus oly on the center of the pic house turned out well ignore the grass made in a hurry! The original pic had stones in the pathway but I left it as a smooth road. Do you know the reason why? If so leave a comment I will check your guess. 

Here you go….