Happy Birthday Shannu! 

Well it was my friend Anjali’s son’s birthday, Sath n myself were thinking what to get him toys, games etc but for a minute I thought it’s all normal gifts which everyone gets! I always like to develop creativity in children which builds up as they grow so got him a set of Artist’s Loft colored pencils, creativity lies in one’s mind and as they create using colors it however takes them to a different level of perception to see things around. A child can create wonders when given paper and pencils. And Shannu used to ask me for any cartoon character to be drawn for him! So I made this Flintstone card along with his gift and wrote up something to encourage him !


Belated Happy Valentines Day :-)

Oh my! Where do I start got hold of a small picture from google search and gave it a thought that I can complete the entire drafting and painting in jus 2 hours (duration which my lil one sleeps after each feeding) and started on Feb 13th and believe me or not I completed it only now on the 21st of Feb. Jesus it’s not an easy job to do something at a stretch with a newborn around! 
This year Valentines day was celebrated with our Sunshine and was pretty fun though! Last year we had a nice time Sath enjoyed his drink and I was relaxing over the television! This year it was so funny though, to see the same hands which held a glass of wine 365 days ago to hold a feeding bottle for his daughter! 😃😄😀 Anyways Happy Valentine’s Day Sath! Looking forward for more years to enjoy the same day. Love ya loads. Hugs and kisses 💋💋💋 

Here is the completed one! Cute isn’t it?? My fav color blue shirt and thick eyebrows of yours!