Happy buddies!

Hello! Well jus sneaking out sometime from my lil one since my mom is here to help me out. Felt like painting something after chatting with one of my besties Joseph. I call him Jo Kuttan though he is younger than me. Kutta, Meenu and myself used to be the best of friends all time. I asked him how was he doing? He said m doing jus ok but all alone without spending time with friends! So I made this picture which reminded me of our best times together. Three happy buddies 🙂 Meenu being the tallest of the three n me being the eldest of the three, time just flew! Aren’t these brushes jus the way I describe each of us?

 Driving down 45 mins just to have a cup of cafe with them meant a lot to me. Our CCD meet up opposite to Meenu’s office, Beasant nagar coffee shop for Jo’s bday, our ‘n’ number of anjappar biryanis with Meenu always ordering vanjaram and Kuttan always brain fry 😊 myself as usual  5 cups of raitha for chicken biryani! When we had to drop Jo in front of Olympia Tech park for his bus to Bangalore on his new job offer. He always smiles when I say – “That moment when you got back to Meenu and myself in the car and said I am gonna miss y’all” 😊

Well Jo don’t worry this painting is for you. Jus like these paint brushes we friends are always with you don’t feel lonely anytime ! 

Here’s the pic. Like it? 



First Valentine’s Day 

This was the first soft pastel drawing I did for my hubby on Valentine’s Day 😊 I tried to depict Our favourite song by John Legends “All of me loves all of you” we used to love this song and keep listening the whole day right from the time we got engaged 🙂 

When I pen down this memory I feel like saying – Those were the days well spent miles apart, that blush while I think of him during my train travel to office that inner happiness when I receive a message from him, that moment when someone at home grins at me when m always engrossed into iMessage! And must mention another song an Anirudh musical which would have lost its harmony  for the number of times played every morning as soon as I woke up. “Un vizhigalil vizhuntha naal mudhal” It would have the highest number of plays on my iTunes list till date 😊

And Sath pinned this up at his office desk! How sweet 🙂 


Happy Father’s Day 2014 

Here’s the other picture which I made for Father’s Day June 21st 😊 we had been to a get together at the apartment so as soon as I got back I had an inner thought triggering me to sketch something on behalf of my lil unborn darling 🙂 probably it was the wish of my LO 😊 So made this for Sath and woke him up around 11.30 PM and handed over to him. 

As soon as he saw the picture he kept his ears on my tummy bump to hear our baby’s movement. Those moments are truly magical and enjoyable at motherhood! I must say we are the luckiest parents to be truly blessed with Sunshine as our daughter rather than her having us as parents ! Love you patootiecutie 🙂 ha ha nice name for her isn’t it? Love it !


2015 look over !

I just pulled over albums on my phone to see how many paintings I have done in the past year and realised that I missed posting two of them on my blog. It’s a total of four paintings all done for my hubby on three different occasions! 

Here’s the first one which I made for his birthday way back in September! It was my 7th month of pregnancy and with all the nausea and vomiting I put up a good show by choosing two images from Google and Pinterest. One was a pencil sketch and the other was with colour pencils from Prismacolor which my hubby got for me from Michaels 🙂 I used them to color the first picture, only for him. I do love him so much that I took lot of effort to finish it though I wasn’t keeping well! Throughout the day I just used to have time to puke the hell outta me and fall asleep. So whenever he leaves to buy grocery or fill his fuel tank I sneak out for those few mins and try sketching my gift for him. And finally when the day arrived I was awake till 4.00 AM in the morning completed it and placed it inside the frames which I got of his choice from an ongoing deal at Michaels as well and clicked snaps of it 😊

I always feel a handmade gift especially hand painted or hand sketched by me satisfies a lot more than just buying something from the shop and gifting it to our close friends and loved ones! Right from the day I knew my hubby I’ve been giving him creative hand made surprise gifts for all occasions. It gives me immense pleasure and happiness when I put in my time and effort for the love I have for him! Anyday time is much more valuable than anything else which you can share with your loved half. People usually term husband/wife as better half but I should say Sath is my loved half 😘  Quality time spent for you or with you will always stay as a memory of happy time! Hope my love for you  expressed through my paintings had made your day darling. Love you loads wanna cherish awesome times ahead with you! 😘 Probably this gift would have brought more smiles to your heart than the bottle of champagne you enjoyed for your 2014 bday as a bachelor 😋 Happy birthday once again 🙂