Aah.. Finally on your new job congrats buddy :)

Well back on track after my delivery. Wanted to make a card for a friend of mine from my office which I had been working with previously! 

Bala here you go.. Few words bout him – we used to fight a lot on each and everything possible and he used to tease me like hell whenever I step into office saying- “Ena nari working for UK shift pola! “Used to go mad at him. And me nevertheless, always bully him saying – “Friday leave Monday permission for going home. Kalakuringa oppicer!” 😜 I can never forget the way you escaped from the project which I had worked for. You and Nivas planned well n selected Banking and Financial Services vertical while I was pushed to Retail. I used to work till 10 PM and you guys happily runaway at 5 PM,  I don’t find time to even have our lunch properly but Nivas had all the time in the world to play Table Tennis! 

Being fond of drawing teddies, made this super cool card which I found on google images and another reason for me to draw this picture is the way Mr.Teddy is at work which reminds me of you who also follows this style of working! Lazyyyyyyyyyy Devil getting all your work done from your juniors πŸ˜› And the amount of time you spend for your tea break with that Mallu girl from next ODC. Sorry for posting your secret on my blog dude! πŸ˜‹ With doing all these out of office work at you tease me saying – “Vaazhra Nari oly 5 hours working jolly thaan” Stupid guy!

Jokes apart a very good friend of mine m very happy to have you get into a new job. It’s gonna be a new beginning and start for all your head held high achievements. Good luck to you dude! May this new job fetch you lot of experience, happiness, good people to work along and nice bosses who can pat on your back n say great job, everytime you succeed in completing your part. 

And the card for you follows. Like it? Leave your comments.



Ranvir weds Gauri!! Happy for you guys πŸ˜

Time for the Wedding bells to ring! It all happened jus a couple of months ago when Ranvir (Soni Bhai) secretly seemed to be outta his shell and joined hands with Gauri 😊 Well Sath and myself met with all his friends at Boston for the Memorial Day weekend. And we three were out for dinner at PF Changs restaurant, right after eating each of us had a fortune cookie πŸ™‚ Ranvir picked up one and it stated “You will find your love next month” ☺️ And yes my brother found his soulmate 😍

Wedding, decorations and party was all booked and set at Chennai, unfortunately the metropolitan city was sinking due to heavy rains! So it was relocated to Pune on the same date. December 7 2015 😊 It would have been a tough time for all of them out there. Being from chennai I felt bad that I couldn’t attend your wedding as we were held up with our newborn 😊 Soni you are more than a friend to Sath. And now with Gauri as well you guys are a part of our extended family :):):) I’m Sure we would meet the newly wedded couple soon ! Here’s a one liner I would like to share with you brother – 

Wife happy always Life happy☺️

So wishing you both a very very happy married life! Best regards from Sath, Ruku n Sunshine 😊

A small painting from my side for your wedding 😍 Hope you guys like it! C ya:)


Thala Diwali.. Nov 10.. Unexpected, surprisingly my LO was born! Hurrayyyyyy!!

Hey ppl out there hope Diwali was all super fun in India and Thanksgving was awesome at Minnesota! Posting a blog right after a month’s time. 

Well it was 9th of November and I was so excited and busy looking out what sweets and savouries I can eat possibly as mom was here to take care of me during my delivery. She was preparing gulab jamun, vellai panniyaram, vadai and kandharpam. Everything was in progress and that was the time when my lil one gave the first sign of heading out. 

I’ve heard everybody say pregnancy pain is probably like 206 bones crushing at the same time! Voila the pain was worst ever. Got into labor that night and Minneapolis was icy cold as I stepped outta car into hospital and puked the hell out all the favourite food I hogged! The entire night was a nightmare. Couldn’t jus move even a step ahead, with My hubby and ever loving-caring Mamma beside me. Sath had a tough time throughout the night staying wide awake next to my bed and holding me whenever I had my contractions at its peak. Doctors and nurses were asking me not to panic rather to just breathe and blow away the pain. After hours of struggle they agreed to give me the epidural shot after which I was much relaxed and comfortable. Slept a while and next day morning was a grand occasion for Sath and myself as we were stepping into our first Diwali right after our wedding way back in November last year! So the South Indians call that as Thala Diwali for the newly wedded couple πŸ™‚ Rather than enjoying mom made idli, vadai, sambar and kesari I was under intake of magnesium sulphate which made me really drowsy. Finally the time came and the gynaecologist who was to deliver my baby came in around 7.00 in the morning and told that we will have to go in for a caesarean as my lil one’s heart rate was decreasing and they got me signed for a C-section and shifted me to the surgery ward where the most hilarious part took place. Within minutes caesarean turned out to be a normal delivery at 9.00 in the morning, right after the baby was born and heard her cry they bought her next to me and sent my first flying kiss to the SUNSHINE of my life, I fell asleep and woke up hours after the MAG effect was reduced! πŸ˜ƒ 

Anyway the above experience wasn’t any worse than the one I experienced during my pregnancy coz of the so called “people” around me. They tend to call themselves as my friends. Which they don’t really deserve to be! Right from the day I spread out the news that I had conceived there was jus one question across the globe right from India to the US. “Have you found out the gender of the baby” I had oly these words coming to my mind – Holy shit!! I really don’t understand just coz technology has developed to an extreme extent and being in the US doesn’t mean you necessarily have to know the gender of your unborn baby! Whatever it may be its a life which every mother is gonna give birth to! But ppl as we all know are very keen in others life rather than their own. 

But when I met ppl out here in Minneapolis I was totally disappointed coz they weren’t worth being called as friends. Such bad thoughts and negativity from all of them. I neither wanted to see any of their faces nor talk to them. They were jus behind my back all the time asking the same question a thousand times sorry must say a lakh times – did you find the gender of your baby! Doesn’t it sound soooooooooo insane? Sitting at home and doing nothing makes you think n talk about others like this! I had only one question running through my mind “end of the day whichever baby you give birth to it’s all the same hell like pain” is it going to be any different of less pain if it’s a boy and more pain if it’s a girl or vice versa? You guys have your own kids, for heaven sake why don’t y’all just keep your ***** away from interfering in others personal issues?  

Well I wanted to post this and jus got time to finish up! I am really happy with my new born lil princess, feels like heaven to hold the Sunshine of my life in my arms! Even before she was born I decided to nick name her as “Sunshine” 😊 She adds more meaning to our lives ! Ruku and Sath proud to be parents of Ms.Sunshine. Love you loads and God bless you our lil daughter – Love Mamma and Pappa 😘😘😘 

When I was expecting I just saw a baby picture and admired a lot not my lil one seems to look the same way! Posting the pic here for y’all to see 😊 Good day!