Happy Janmashtami

As I said earlier love Lord Krishna be it for my name or for his sweetness and mischievous stories I have read from childhood I jus enjoy myself sketching and painting him. What a charm as a kid and that charismatic look as Lord Krishna with his Radhe!! 😘 

Painted this with poster colours few months back and the special feel about this picture is the song written beside it. It’s by the famous poet, novelist and lyricist Kaviarasu Kannadasan. My favourite lullaby which I used to sing for my nephew to put him to sleep. Aayarpadi maalikaiyil thaimadiyil kanrinai pol maaya kannan thoonkukiran thalelo… 😴😴😴😴😴 and there I go to sleep as I type the song 😊



Japanese Lady 😘

Obsessed with glass paintings, used to make a lot of them from 7th grade. Recently tried a Japanese lady and gave a new smudge of glass colors which isn’t done generally in glass paintings. I loved the way smudge effect turned out. Reason for taking up this picture is that I love Japanese people and really admire their humbleness, polite speaking and the respect they give for others of younger or older age. And yeah fond of their language, hairstyle the pinned up bun with two sticks I really don’t know what they call that!  Their eyes especially so tiny and cute.(Though I haven’t drawn the face) 😊 So here I post my glass painting. Like it? Feel free to comment on the same. 😊


Colored Tangram puzzle (:

Right from childhood as my dad made me solve all kinds of puzzles I am very fond of them. Though I take hours to solve 😜 Had waste thermocole sheets left behind and cut out the Chinese Tangram puzzle and painted each piece a color, made a puzzle and stuck them on one side of the brown corrugated packaging boxes! And here they come take a look at it 😊



Thermocole bicycle craft (:

Well been lazy like crazy and by just cleaning the house found a couple of thermocole sheets so made a bicycle and colored them up with acrylic paints. Had I been in India, would have had a lot of craft items unused being newly wedded and starting life at a new place I just made use of what was at home. Didn’t have pins or toothpick to assemble the parts together so made use of the twist-ease which I collected and kept aside every time I get a bread loaf from cub foods 😀 so cut them into smaller pieces and made use! I get reminded of my nephew whose really found of the battery operated bicycle when he was 10 months young 😊


For the ❤️ of coffee and ‘U’…

Recently saw a lot about doodling whatever small objects you like! And swoosh struck my mind about coffee and my bestie Meenu!😘😘 Awww my gaaaawd what lovely days we used to have fun right from college. Both of us are coffee lovers and of coffee mugs to the core! To be precise love my mom’s filter coffee. Used to sip on it even at 2 AM in the morning 😀 I miss every moment of those wonderful days! So I just doodled a few coffee mugs and wrote my favourite coffeeology lines from a Malayalam movie named Nee-Na. It was totally a different genre about a brave girl addicted to alcohol who ends up getting herself outta that and gives up the strong love and bonding upon her own boss who is already married! Some may feel it as a normal storyline but she really put up a courageous on screen performance!