Incessant love of every mother! :)

Not necessarily have to remember our mothers only on Mother’s Day. For all the sacrifices and turmoil they have undergone to bring us to what we are today, I think every day must be Mother’s Day! I just googled and came across this pen sketch and did it as my hubby asked to do it for his office desk ! It’s the size of a postcard so cute, hence pinned at home right away πŸ™‚ Comments most welcome !  



Kalaa Art Show 2015 Hindu Temple Of Minnesota :)

Going to the temple really brings peace in body, mind and soul. The Hindu Temple of Minnesota when I stepped in two months ago there was a huge poster placed near the front desk stating there was a painting show to be exhibited in the month of August. So hubby and myself were discussing on signing up for it. I’ve always been fascinated by Lord Krishna right from my childhood, don’t know if it’s because I am named Rukmani!! πŸ˜€ So planned to paint Baby Lord MuraliKrishna by keeping a reference image of the same from iskcon temple picture. Hope I have done justice to it. This was my first ever painting on canvas, huge size and acrylics. Took more than month and a half to complete it. Had to watch nearly 100 videos on you tube and read so many techniques for blending, skin tones and glazing with acrylics.Β And finally got the canvas and started outlining and painting it. Here are the photos of the baby Krishna πŸ™‚




6th month anniversary in May! :)Β 

Our 6th month anniversary was round the corner and I was just doing some paper craft and Blllllllinggggg….. came an idea, had just 45 mins for my hubby to reach home from office. So quickly made a magical rose cube with magazine paper. When you display, it remains as a rose when you want to keep aside it folds into a box! Cool isn’t it?? Check out the pics. I have attached the reference image also! πŸ˜ƒ Followed the YouTube video to make it 😊


Happy Birthday Soni Bhai!!

Hubby’s (Sath) best friend’s (Soni) birthday fell in the month of July. I call him Soni Bhai/Bhaiya!! Sath and Soni both love outdoor adventures, few of them are skiing, ice skating and mountain biking. So I planned to bring up a piece of art of their all time favorite which holds him in fond remembrance of Sath and their friendship. So used a black felt pen to sketch a picture of a guy mountain biking, google search image. Inserted into a floating frame and we gifted him when he came down to Minneapolis but i forgot to post it, birthday was way back in June and I am posting in September. πŸ˜‰ And if you look closer you can find my creation of making a Nike logo on the tracks, really tiny!


Just spotted my pot/lamp painting pictures! :):)

Hey people! Was just cleaning up all the mess on my phone as it ran out of space and came across a few photos of the pot/lamp paintings I did earlier, thought of posting them on the blog. These were the famous small matka kulfi pots which I keep collecting to do some artwork on it! My mom always asks me to paint her mud lamps so that she can light them up during Diwali and Karthigai Deepam Festivals which is generally famous in South India. I too agree and make it for her but after painting I showcase rather than lighting lamps in it. πŸ˜€ I drive her crazy, missing all those moments though!!! And here are my creations.

Have been doing a lot of designs on pots but these are the only pics which I have with me. Tried these with metallic paints, vibrant colors of acrylics, 3D liners and a base coating of white acrylic paint. Please feel free to post your comments on them!

IMG_4119 IMG_4121