Raiiiinnn…!! Pitter Patter Plip Plop…!

NO LINES ONLY colors 🙂

Been a while since I painted something. Few days back a colleague of mine sent me a link on “No line coloring” I just read thru and was quite interested in it. Tried a small picture of a couple with few junk which I had collected while shopping. Haven’t used any stamps or cut sets. Just the water colors and little quilling of butterflies!

Hope I have done justice to the first ever picture of my water color without outline and the knowledge gained by viewing videos 😀

Craft supplies used:

  • Water color for picture of the couple
  • White quilling paper – fluttering butterflies
  • Used one side of a shopping paper bag Blue and white checked removed the center square of the bag – Background




Here I go linking this to,