Long Time since I took up my book!

Well made the outline of this picture way back in December and found time only now to complete it after so much of delay due to other house-hold chores right after my wedding. I did this in remembrance of my bestie Meenu who came to the airport dressed up similarly like in this sketch, she is of great support to me at all times. I could have never asked for anything better than a bonding like this! The first credit after seeing a portrait of a celebrity done by me was from her and she said – “Everybody can draw/sketch only few can bring out the life in that picture and you are good at it never let go of this talent anytime!” This is the biggest compliment I have ever received! I miss her a lot these days after leaving India. 😦IMG_5609-001


Hello world!

“Never underestimate the imagination of a child’s creation” – Just got thru this line my mind

I have been reading a lot of blogs and my very first one to write though! Well to pen down about myself I worked as a Software Engineer, way outta my passion just for the reason that I took up Engineering 😀

Passionate about sketching, painting and a lot more creative activities right from my childhood inspired by my MOM and DAD and I am here to use this as a platform to display all that I do on paper, canvas and from waste paper too 😉 Dad always says draw from your imagination whereas Mom is a creative person she can just do anything in minutes be it a picture, origami, bead-work or crochet and what not my house is like a Art-Museum all through the day!!

I haven’t been to any drawing classes much. My first class in Standard 10 was with artist Ilangovan who owns CM Studio at Royahpettah, Chennai. And secondly I joined the class with artist R.Rajendran who owns Dessin School of Arts, Chennai. And I used to be a student who attends class for a day and returns to next class after 6 months which seems to be really hilarious but that’s what I always do and my Master says “very punctual girl” 😀 😀 I have a very sweet friend(always call her akka) from that very class by name Padma Malini who really never hesitates to share her knowledge in painting with others.

Thanks to all those who have been really supportive through my journey of my most loved work of my life. And now this includes a special person my hubby Sath who encourages me more than I ever thought! (Though he says the house is dirty with all the paints,brushes and papers!!) :-D:-D

Happy blog-reading!